America's Wild Beauty

Walt R. Snover, Photographer  

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My Background


My love of photography spans decades. From the first 35 mm camera given to me by my brother upon his return from a tour of duty to my current photo backpack of Canon accessories, I still believe that what is behind the lens--the keen eye for detail and composition--separates artwork from snapshots and the photographer from the "picture-taker."  Photos should tell a story or provoke a memory. I have traveled to 51 of our 52 US States.  (I missed Alabama for some odd reason.)  The Caribbean has been a frequent stop over the years as was a fantastic visit to the United Kingdom. My photos epitomize these travels. I currently live back where I call home, Washington State after stops in Tucson, Logan (Utah), Los Angeles, Kansas City, Mesquite (Nevada) and Bozeman (Montana).

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Photography is Communication


From a minus 20 degree morning in Montana's gorgeous Paradise Valley to the once in a lifetime experience of being up-close to an Alaskan brown bear, life is what you make of it--but be careful out there!