A little about me . . .

My love of photography spans decades. From the first 35 mm camera given to me by my brother upon his return from a tour of duty to my current photo backpack of Canon accessories, I still believe that what is behind the lens--the keen eye for detail and composition--separates artwork from snapshots and the photographer from the "picture-taker."  Photos should tell a story or provoke a memory. I have traveled to 49 of our 50 US States.  (I missed Alabama for some odd reason.)  The Caribbean has been a frequent stop over the years as was a fantastic visit to the United Kingdom. My photos epitomize these travels. I currently live back where I call home, Washington State after stops in Tucson, Logan (Utah), Los Angeles, Kansas City, Mesquite (Nevada) and Bozeman (Montana).

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Photography is Communication

A Place in Time

Memories are re-kindled every time you see an image that reflects  time, a place, an event. This solitary boat was anchored just off the main harbor in St. Marteen (Dutch). It was actually Christmas Day during a special family cruise for my retirement. Amazing time. Amazing memory. 

Image integrity

My photography emphasizes the true image capture with minimal computer enhanced manipulation. The key is capturing the true image through the viewfinder and not using a “digitally manipulated” and “computer enhanced photo” that does not truly capture the time and the location. It is a true memory.